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Title: Intruder
Author: Aiko - aikowritesfic
Pairing: Pin
Genre: Fluff, I suppose.
Warnings: NOTHING. HA.
Disclaimer: Pi belongs to me, Jin belongs to Pi. Shut up.
Summary: Jin can't sleep, but he knows exactly how to fix that.
Comment: Am I breaking some kind of record, writing a fic where someone has a potentially lifethreatening disease and doesn't die from it? TELL ME I AM. I'm all kinds of excited. :DD


It's after midnight and Akanishi Jin is on a mission.

The hospital looms, cold and threatening to his wild eyes. He's tired; so tired. But he hasn't slept in days, hasn't been able to close his eyes even for a moment - and he knows why. The reason for such prolonged torture has a name, a birthday and - at the moment - a heartbeat. He's in there, probably sleeping like a baby this very moment. Jin is indescribably jealous... But after tonight he won't have a reason to be jealous of anything.

Slipping past security isn't all that hard. There's a patient taking a cigarette break - he kicks off a conversation with the frail-looking teenage girl and explains that he's lost his keycard. His wife is inside; surely she won't mind helping? The girl smiles and shakes her head, using her own keycard and holding the door open to the handsome yet weary stranger. She'll probably never see him again, but it doesn't really matter to either one.

Looking natural will get you a long way when you're somewhere you shouldn't be. Jin strolls through the corridors, trying to surreptitiously hide his eyes; for he knows his emotions are so raw at the moment that he couldn't hide them if he was trying. And he's not trying - he doesn't have the energy to. All he has the energy for is keeping his head up, walking with purpose towards the room. The room housing this mission's target.

It's not hard to find room 304 - predictably, it's the fourth room on the third floor. He thanks his lucky stars that the door isn't locked as he palms the handle, twists, pushes and is in within an instant.

Nobody hears the door click shut behind him.

This is the one thing Takewa Haruna has always hoped would never happen. She's received report of an unauthorised entry - a man nobody recognises. One of her own patients, Kashino Yuka, has confessed to allowing the man entry... Haruna checks her watch. It's nearly half past one. She should be leaving in half an hour - worst case scenario dictates that she'll probably be at this damned sterile hell until at least four.

The man is reported to have been seen entering room 304. Haruna realises suddenly that the number has some significance... Why? She racks her brain for the reason, dashing around her minute little office in a near-blind panic looking for the file. Surely she'd remember if there had been some VIP admitted - ah, there's the file. She reads it, eyes flicking through the list of past inhabitants and their respective ailments before stopping upon the final one.

Yamashita Tomohisa, age 21, admitted 4th September 2006 - bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia.

Oh, yes, wonderful. She puts the file down, taking her glasses off and setting them atop it. The petite nurse rubs at her eyes and sighs aloud - now she's going to lose her job for sure. It couldn't just have been any random old guy with arthritis or something. No, she has to be the first doctor in the entire hospital to have to deal with an intruder, and said intruder has to have picked the one room housing an internationally famous idol.

Nobody aside from herself and her underlings have heard about this yet, for which she is grateful. Perhaps she can even keep them from knowing entirely, she dares to hope as she replaces her glasses and heads for the third floor. It's a little disturbing around here at night - not a lot happens on this shift, unless one works in the accident and emergency department. Haruna doesn't, and is very glad for the quiet nights... Apart from the way the silence makes her feel almost as though she's the only person alive in this place.

There, finally, 304. She hesitates outside the door, wondering what she'll find inside. Is Yamashita okay? Perhaps he's been stabbed to death and nobody but the killer knows yet. Perhaps the killer, this unidentified potential maniac, will target her next. It's entirely possible that she won't see the light of day again - and yet she places a hand upon the doorknob because she has to. Oh, there are procedures. She should have backup. But if she hopes to keep this quiet then for now she'll have to take this chance.

The door opens easily and all is dark inside. Haruna panics for a brief moment as she can see the outline of more than one person laying atop the white hospital bed.

"Shh," someone hisses at her, almost gently. Her eyes are becoming adjusted to the light now, and she can see that the 'maniac' is... Sleeping. He looks almost childish, with his head resting upon the patient's chest - she knows that's not good for him.

"Excuse me, but-" she starts in the most official tone she can muster.

"Shut up," insists the voice, and this time she knows it comes from Yamashita. He looks quite annoyed to see her - but really! Visiting hours exist for a reason; people aren't supposed to just break in at any time they feel like! Especially since this will totally screw up that promotion she wants if anyone finds out. She's not sure how she looks expression-wise, but his expression softens before she has another chance to speak. "The nurse said I'm not contagious anymore. I'm sorry, really, it won't happen again and neither of us will mention it to anyone... Just... Pretend you don't know he's here?"

Haruna is very, very annoyed. But the prospect of nobody ever getting to know has her shutting the door again before she knows what she's doing.


It's noon and Tomohisa has been awake for almost half an hour. He's not bored, though - just figures that as fun as it is to watch Jin sleep, he'd probably have more fun if the elder were awake. Jin doesn't open his eyes when called, though - just shifts a bit and adjusts his grip on his ailing boyfriend's waist. Said boyfriend can't help but giggle a little; and though it feels a bit odd to think of someone older than him (someone who's not Ogura Yuko) as cute, this can be described as nothing but adorable.


In response to an almost forceful poke in the nose, Jin's eyes flutter open and he lifts his head. The older boy squints a little against the bright sunlight he isn't quite used to yet.

"G'morning," he mutters, smiling up at Tomohisa who wonders not for the first time if Jin's age isn't some elaborate lie. It's not often he doesn't feel older, after all. Or perhaps Tomohisa is just age-confused - he does tend to feel younger than Kazuya, after all, and there's nearly a full year's difference there. Not that there isn't only a month less difference to Jin in the other direction...

"Jin," the slightly pale and still somewhat ill one speaks his love's name for the third time already today - as though it's the only thing he can say. It's a nice name, and Tomohisa likes saying it. Mostly because every time he does, for some reason it reminds him that the person attached to the name belongs exclusively to him. He loves it this way and wouldn't switch for the world. For two worlds. For infinite worlds. "You're a complete idiot, you know that?"

Jin laughs a little and rests his head once again upon the other's chest. He's fairly coherent; albeit through most of the remaining sleepy haze clouding his mind like so many balls of cotton wool. "Couldn't sleep. Had to be here. Missed you."

"I'm sure if they hadn't drugged me up so bad I'd have missed you too," Tomohisa laughs, one hand coming up to absently tangle in his lover's hair. "I love you."

"Love you too."

Perhaps a week later, Yamashita Tomohisa is discharged from the hospital and Haruna sees what she recognises as her 'intruder' (plus some short guy) come to get him.

She stares at the boy. He stares back. She narrows her eyes at him. He giggles. She can't help but smile.

They leave, and she wishes with every fiber of her being that they'll never, ever come back.
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